Nioh Walkthrough Part-3 – Deep in the Shadow Mission, Traverse Caves

By   /   Feb 6, 2017
Nioh Walkthrough Guide

Nioh Walkthrough Guide to help you complete Deep in the Shadow mission in Kyushu Region, traverse the caves, and finding all secrets.

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Nioh Walkthrough Guide

In our Nioh Walkthrough Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing the Deep in the Shadow mission.

Cave Network

The third main mission of Nioh, Deep in the Shadows takes place inside the Kyushu Region where players have to navigate through a cave network. As soon as the starting cutscene ends, players will see a Shrine.

It is a good idea to spend any remaining Amrita at this point to upgrade William for better chances of survival in the cave.

As players proceed downwards through the path from the Shrine, they will see two guards close to each other. It is possible to kill them both with one attack from range if players have the ammo for their rifle.

All they have to do is wait till the guard on the right walks in front of the other one and then shoot at his head. The bullet will penetrate and kill them both.

Alternatively, they can either kill one guard at range through their bow and then take the other one on in melee combat or simply fight them both in melee if they want some challenge.

Cliffside Area

Once both guards are dead, players can proceed on to the path and turn right to head outside to a cliffside. They need to be careful here as an enemy will ambush and try to push them off the cliff.

The enemy is hiding in a small crevice to the right just before the fenced area near the start of the cliff.

A swarm of bats will attack and try to push the players off the cliff as they try to enter the next portion of the cave. It is easy to block their attacks and continue further into the cliff. After surviving the bat attack, players will see four guards further ahead.

Two of them sitting on the ground, one walking away and another one standing on an elevated walkway nearby.

Defeating Enemies

The best strategy in this place is to shoot the guard on the elevated walkway with an arrow and then shoot one of the guards on the ground. This just leaves on guard to deal with in melee combat as the fourth guard will have already moved onto a room nearby. Once this third guard is dead, players can chase down the fourth guard in a room to the right.

Having dealt with all the guards, players can proceed down the pathway all the way to the end and outside. There will be an enemy located about halfway through so players should take care not to rush and then die at the hands of just one enemy.

After coming outside, players will see three more guards; one to the left and two to the right. One of these guards on the right is an archer so players should deal with him last as he will be fairly easy to kill.

Once all three guards are defeated, players need to move to the left until they see two separate paths. One of these goes towards Hot Spring where players can rest while the other one proceeds with the mission.

Reaching Hot Spring

Reaching the Hot Spring rewards players with a PlayStation trophy for resting in it. Once players have rested, they need to continue up the path on the left. As they are moving up the cliff, they will come up on a hollowed out part of the cliff. Players can go in there to fight a guard sitting inside.

It is a good idea to go into this cave and defeat the guard because otherwise he will come out and try to push the players off the edge.

After taking care of this guard, players can just continue up the path to the next area of the game.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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