Nioh Walkthrough Guide Part-1 – Escaping Prison, Derrick the Executioner Boss Fight

By   /   Feb 6, 2017
Nioh Walkthrough Guide

Nioh Walkthrough Guide to help you complete the game’s first mission ‘The Man with the Guardian Spirit’ and defeat Derrick the Executioner.

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Nioh Walkthrough Part-1

In our Nioh Walkthrough Part-1, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the game’s first mission ‘The Man with the Guardian Spirit’ and defeat Derrick the Executioner

The very first mission of Nioh, titled The Man with the Guardian Spirit, not only serves to make players familiar with the game world and the character of William, the protagonist, but also as a tutorial where players learn the basics of movement and combat which are essential to surviving.

Escaping Prison

The mission starts with William in a prison inside Tower of London. He is visited by a Guardian Spirit and after some talking, players will learn how to use quick and strong attacks. Both types of attack use Ki or stamina as shown by the green bar below the player’s health which is in blue.

After learning both attacks and familiarizing themselves with the speed at which Ki depletes when attacking, players will need to break the wall to the prison cell on the other wise. This can cause alarm and a tower guard will appear to investigate. Defeating the guard can be quite difficult since William doesn’t have any weapon at this point.

To survive this fight, it is best to wait until the guard has passed the player’s cell before trying to escape. If the guard doesn’t notice the player, they can rush to his room at the end of the hall and steal a Bastard Sword and Tower of London Guard Boots from a chest there. After acquiring the gear, players can go back towards their cell to defeat the guard as that is required to proceed through the mission.

The guard has two types of attacks: a running lunge and rapid sweep attacks. Players need to kite him around and stay out of his range while he is attacking. Blocking the guard’s attacks, while successful, will deplete Ki and if players run out of Ki they will get stunned easily. It is best to be extremely patient in this fight rather than trying to kill the guard quickly.

Finding Dungeon Key

Once the guard dies, he drops another sword as loot alongside a Dungeon Key which can be used to open other cell doors. Players should check all the cells for other tips regarding gameplay mechanics such as dodging. Once the area is clear, they can use the key to open the door at the end of the hallway and move up the stairs to another chest which contains Medicine to recover health.

There are two directions for the players to move now, unfortunately, the large door in the area will be closed for now so that way is out of the question. Players need to head towards the stairwell, making sure they check the chest under the stairs for a Tower of London Guard Coat.

After climbing the stairs, players will come up on a bridge being patrolled by two guards, one armed with a crossbow. Fighting them one by one is the best way to handle this area. As the crossbow guard will not move from his place, players should try to aggro the other guard and lure him towards the stairs so they can fight away from the range of the crossbow.

Having defeated both these guards, players will need to cross the bridge and in through the door. A window on the right side will be guarded by a normal guard who is occasionally joined by one wielding a spear. It is best to let the guard with the spear pass before players aggro the other guard. Upon clearing the area, players can open the chest inside the small room for more Medicine and a Tower of London Guard Trousers.

A broken wall past this small room will lead players to another stairwell with two floors above it. The first floor has a shrine where the player can pray to save a checkpoint. If they die, they will respawn at this shrine although all the enemies they killed will also respawn.

Near the shrine, there is a locked door being guarded by another patrolling guard. A chest near this door has a spear, Runkah, which the players can pick up. A passage nearby leads to another room with a spear guard inside and a chest with Medicine and Battle Axe.

Once players have acquired these weapons, they can go back to the stairwell and proceed up to the top floor. A loot chest on the balcony here has Tower of London Guard Hat which the players can equip.

A corridor on the top floor will lead players to an intersection. Moving to the right will take them to a chest with Tower of London Guard Gloves inside it while moving left will lead to a stairwell that goes downwards.

Moving through this stairwell will finally lead players outside where there are two more guards on the left. Players will also find two armored knights near an arch although they might be too difficult to deal with. A loot chest near these knights contains a Battle Axe while a door leads to another Shrine where players can save their progress.

Players can move through the outer courtyard to avoid these knights and move into another open area. A chest in the area, protected by a Knight, a patrolling guard and a crossbowman rewards players with Medicine and Breastplate.

Proceeding further, players will encounter an ambush from two Knights after crossing an archway. It is best to keep the distance from them and attack only when it seems clear that their attacks will not hit the players. Once they are both dead, players can loot two large chests for Greaves, Cuisses, Gauntlets, and a Great Helm.

Players now have two full armor sets, although equipping heavy armor might not be a good idea as it adds to equipment load and uses up more Ki when dodging.

Further ahead will be a shrine for players to rest at before the proceed up the stairs where a knight is patrolling. Players need to be careful of a crossbowman on a ledge to the left as they fight the Knight. After dealing with them both, players can proceed up the small tower stairs to fight the boss.

Boss Fight

The boss, Derrick the Executioner, follows the same combat mechanics as the player and needs Ki to attack or block attacks so players can easily bait him to attack and use up his Ki, leaving him vulnerable to their own attacks as he will be unable to block.

When his Ki is depleted, hitting him will cause a stun for a few seconds which is a lot of time to take away a big chunk of his health. Derrick also has a few telltale signs of his combo moves. Whenever he lowers his shoulders, he is getting ready to charge across the room and slice at the player with an attack that deals a lot of damage. This attack can be easily dodged if players are quick on their feet.

Once Derrick’s health is almost finished, phase 2 of the fight will begin in which he transforms into a demon. While he still uses the same attacks, he is faster and tougher during this phase so will be able to take and deal out more damage and dodging his attacks will become a challenge. Thankfully, unlike his human form, Derrick’s demon form doesn’t automatically replenish Ki so players can tire him out to deal critical damage afterward. After a certain amount of damage has been dealt with Derrick, William’s Guardian Spirit will tell him to unleash the Living Weapon which will end the fight.

After some story elements, players will be able to choose a new weapon and Guardian Spirit based on their play style. Each spirit provides a different benefit as well as changing the style of Living Weapon.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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