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Nioh Skill Points Guide – How to Respec Skill Points, Book of the Reincarnation Location

Nioh Skills Points Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding the Book of Reincarnation and resetting Skill Points.

Team Ninja’s Dark Souls, the aRPG known as Nioh is finally out on PS4 and has been receiving great reviews. Being an RPG, the game allows players to allot skill points to their character and change the character spec to their own play style.

Thankfully spending skill points isn’t permanent and players can Reset Skill Points in Nioh, provided they have the money for the required item.

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Nioh Skills Points Guide

Our Nioh Skills Points Guide will help players get their hands on the item needed to Reset Skill Points in Nioh and respec the player’s character.

Finding Book of Reincarnation

To Reset Skill Points, a player needs an item called Book of Reincarnation. The Book of Reincarnation can be purchased by going to the Blacksmith.

Players need to open the world map, navigate to the Starting Point, then go to the Blacksmith and Buy the Book of Reincarnation from the Items tab. The book costs 10,000 gold to purchase and resets skill points.

Once players have bought the book, it doesn’t automatically reset the skill points and needs to be used. For that, players need to open their inventory and switch to the Usable Items tab. There they will find the book which can be used to Reset Skill Points.

There are some restrictions to acquiring and using the book. Players need to complete the first two story missions before they will get access to the world map and blacksmith. The book can also not be used during missions so players need to set up their character spec before starting a mission.

The Book of Reincarnation is a one-time use item and needs to be purchased again if players need to respec. The cost of the book increases with each purchase with the second purchase costing 30,000 gold followed by 100,000 and 300,000 and further on.

The book can also be bought from hidden teahouse for 800 glory and the glory price also keeps increasing with each purchase.

An alternate way to acquire the book is through missions as either reward or by finding it from some hard to reach places. There is no limit to how many times the book can be used to Reset Skill Points or purchased from various stores as long as players have the required resources.

This is all we have on our Nioh Skills Points Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!