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Conan Exiles Official Servers Temporarily Shutdown As Funcom Ends Partnership With Hosting Company

Conan Exiles hasn’t had the fun launch which fans or Funcom might have hoped for. Thankfully that might change soon as developers announced some changes to Conan Exiles official servers.

According to Funcom, the system requirements for Conan Exiles official servers are a bit too high and their current server partner was unable to properly host the servers which resulted in a bad experience for people who bought the game.

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In a new Steam news update, Funcom talked about their partnership with PingPerfect regarding server hosting for the Early Access title:

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming demand for servers and our needs for administrating them, our official partner has been unable to deliver the level of quality and service we require, because of this, we have mutually agreed to end the partnership.

This means that with the termination of partnership, all the Conan Exiles official servers have been taken down and for now, the only way for players to enjoy the game is through privately run servers, which are thankfully plenty in number.

Funcom assured fans that they are looking for new partners to host servers and this issue is of the utmost importance to them but finding such a partner could take some days since most hosting companies lack the hardware juice to run the game’s servers.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who has played and made progress on the official servers, but we think it is better to deal with this problem now rather than later.

Thankfully, the developers plan on keeping the database secure for the current official servers so when the new servers are in place, all the current information can be re-implemented. This way players will get their characters, buildings and progression back from where they left it when the servers went down.

The development team is also busy addressing numerous other server related issues such as disconnections and rubber banding leading to a bad play experience for a majority of players.

Conan Exiles doesn’t have a fixed release date yet but the game is currently in Steam Early Access and the Xbox Game Preview program is expected to begin in Spring 2017.