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Apple iPhone 7 Is Losing Out Against OPPO And Huawei

The Apple iPhone 7 is the kid on the block that has been out for some time now. Although there have been some controversies about the device when it comes to the headphone jack, the device has still sold pretty good. When it comes to competing against Android brand things are a bit different.

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Apple saw its first decline in the Chinese market in 2016 and it seems it is 2016 all over again and Apple is in China. According to  IDC reports:

“Smartphone market in China saw a 19% YoY growth and 17% QoQ growth in 2016Q4. For the full year of 2016, the market grew by 9% with top Chinese smartphone vendors taking up a larger share of the market. The 4 Chinese vendors in the top five were the same in 2015, and their share grew from 46% in 2015 to 57% in 2016. This shows the growing local acceptance of Chinese vendors in its home country with the improvement in product features and better marketing messages seen in the past year.”

Apple iPhone 7

The report does not have anything positive about the Apple iPhone 7. The Jet Black version of the Apple iPhone 7 did start some conversations and turn some heads and the report also claims that the upcoming iPhone could bring some Android users to iOS as well.

“2016 was the first time ever that Apple saw a YoY decline in the PRC market. Even though the new black colored iPhones caught the attention of consumers, overall, the new launches did not create as much of a frenzy compared to the past. Despite the decline, IDC does not believe Chinese vendors have actually eaten away Apple’s market share. Most Apple users are expected to be holding out for the new iPhone that will be launched this year, and that will help the brand to see a growth in 2017. Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone will also likely attract some of the high-end Android users in China to convert to an iPhone.”

Apple iPhone 7

Let us know what you think about the Apple iPhone 7 and the upcoming iPhone.