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Resident Evil 7 PC Version Lack Of FOV And 21:9 Explained By Capcom

Now that Resident Evil 7 has been out for nearly two weeks at this point, Capcom has decided to address some of the problems that PC gamers have with the Resident Evil 7 PC version. The main problems, in this case, are a locked FOV (Field Of View) and no 21:9 aspect ratio support.

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According to Capcom’s explanation, the reasoning behind the locked FOV and aspect ratio are mainly technical in origin. While Capcom was willing to allow PC players to be able to fiddle with the field-of-view in the game (as many other PC games allow players to do), allowing players to do so introduced a number of bugs related to objects and textures, though there’s also an immersion issue, as allowing players to see more of the game environment might decrease tension.

In the meantime, Capcom currently has no plans to introduce support for monitors wider than 21:9, as it also has to deal with the field of view issue. So, if you have a monitor that’s 21:9, you may be out of luck when it comes to buying the Resident Evil 7 PC version.

PC gaming is often taken by those that can afford a proper machine as the “best” way to play games, mainly as due to the wider variety in equipment and setups that you can put in a computer you’ll be able to deal with almost any obstacle through some sort of other component or workaround (such as, in this case, going out and buying a monitor that isn’t 21:9).

On the upside, there’s still a number of other ways that you can play the game without resorting to the Resident Evil 7 PC version, such as the Xbox One or Playstation 4 versions. If you really want to get immersed, you could even get the game on Playstation VR, so it’s not that big of a loss.