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Nintendo Switch Size Comparison To Wii U GamePad Shows No Real Change

A recent Nintendo Switch size comparison video that compared the console’s gamepad to the one from the Wii U shows that despite the gamepad being slimmer and more streamlined, the screen is the same size as the old Wii U gamepad, even if the addition of JoyCons make it seem bigger.

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The video that showed off the size comparison between the two comes from GameXplain, which took it upon themselves to make the video in order to see which of the two is bigger. However, there are a few differences in the Switch that are mainly due to their design differences.

The Wii U’s main unit, compared to the Switch’s unit, has a noticeable difference, mainly that the Nintendo Switch gamepad can slot into the main dock setup not only for charging, but to increase the capabilities of the console.

The Wii U’s gamepad was mainly a way to make the games that you love portable, thus allowing you to play both on a TV or on the gamepad itself when you’re on the go. However, unlike the Wii U, the Switch can be played with or without the gamepad being active, as it comes with multiple ways to play games, whether through use of the JoyCons individually or while attached to a controller setup.

The Nintendo Switch size comparison compared to the Wii U definitely makes it seem like the Switch is the more portable console; while the Switch’s own gamepad doesn’t have as much of a battery life as the Wii U’s gamepad does, its ability to slot into the console’s dock will likely make it much more portable if you’re taking the console to, say, a friend’s house.

Either way, if you want to look at GameXplain’s Nintendo Switch size comparison video yourself, you can look further up the article to watch it. If you’re planning on buying the Switch, watching the video might be especially important to see if it’s worth it for you.