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New Mario Sports Superstars Trailer Released, Focuses On Soccer

A new Mario Sports Superstars trailer has been released, putting the focus on the soccer events that will be a part of the game. The game will be a 3DS game slated to come out this year, and will have a wide variety of sporting events in it.

Mario Sports Superstars isn’t going to be as expansive in events as the Mario vs Sonic Olympics games, but it will still have a good amount of content for a Nintendo 3DS game. In addition to soccer, the game will include events like horseback riding, baseball, tennis, and golf. It will also feature a large number of Mario characters, ranging from Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and others, to newer characters like Rosalina and Daisy.

In the Mario Sports Superstars trailer, the game gives us a good deal of information about soccer games, including game mechanics like picking what major Mario characters will be a part of your team (which will otherwise be made up of Goombas and Toads), selecting positions to put your characters in, and even charging up powerful shots that will help you kick the ball into the goal.

While it won’t be anything like the FIFA games, the soccer event of Mario Sports Superstar will still likely hold a good bit of fun for people that want to play a sports game with all the silliness that comes with it being a Mario title, especially with all of the other events available in the game to play if soccer isn’t your thing.

You can see the Mario Sports Superstars trailer in the story above, and if it looks like something you’d be interested in with all of the different events to play in, be on the lookout for the game when it releases sometime this year only on the Nintendo 3DS.