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Lucio From Overwatch Heads to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard is definitely getting all the mileage that they can out of Overwatch, especially since they just announced that they would be putting Lucio in Heroes of the Storm at some point in the future. Lucio will be joining the two other Overwatch heroes available in the game, Tracer and Zarya.

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Much like his current role in Overwatch, Lucio is going to be keeping a support role in Heroes of the Storm when Blizzard puts him in. He’ll also be retaining all of his moves, such as his Wall Run, his Soundwave that serves as his Ultimate, Crossfade (which can boost his teammate’s speed or heal them constantly) and Amp It Up, which will increase the power of both Crossfade options.

Lucio’s Heroic Abilities will also include Sound Barrier, which projects a shield over his teammates, and Reverse Amp, which reverses the effects of his Crossfade when enemy heroes are hit with it.

Putting Lucio in Heroes of the Storm will add yet another hero to Blizzard’s first MOBA outing, which has brought a number of different heroes from all of Blizzard’s games to battle it out and even thrown in a few twists, such as with the hero Cho’gall, who is actually controlled by two different players (and thus requires good teamwork to be used effectively).

Hopefully, being a support hero and all and being a character from one of the most popular first-person shooters out there so far, many players in the game will play Lucio properly, and use him more for support roles than putting him in a straight-up offense role.

While there’s no real date yet for when we’ll be seeing Lucio in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard says that we’ll be seeing him in the game’s public test area soon, so that Blizzard can iron out most of his kinks before actually putting him in the game.