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Next Counter-Strike Major Will Feature Inferno, Dust II Removed

An update released earlier today changes the map pool by replacing Dust II with Inferno in the Active Duty Group. Additionally, Valve confirmed that Inferno will be featured at the next Counter-Strike Major.

Dust II is highly regarded as the most popular map in Counter-Strike history. Besides players in the amateur and casual tiers, a number of professional teams pick Dust II as their choice of map in competitive play. Its removal is undoubtedly bad news for such teams, for they must now perfect their play in another map to call home.

As one example, Mousesports made it a habit to always pick Dust II as its choice of map and ban out Inferno in recent Counter-Strike Major events.

Taking to Twitter, project manager of DreamHack Marc “Nix0n” Winther confirmed that Inferno will be the map pool for DreamHack Masters which is scheduled to take place in about two weeks in Las Vegas. It’s time for teams to start practicing.

Valve also announced that map groups have been separated into additional categories: Active Duty, Hostage, Reserves, and Dust II. It’s now easier for players to pick out their favorite maps before entering matchmaking. Just to clarify, Dust II is now strictly Deathmatch.

According to rumors, Dust II is being reworked and will be brought back with significant changes in the future. One of these changes include removal of the mid double doors, while there is also speculation over the inclusion of cover and obstruction on A-Long.

Besides the map pool, today’s update also brought a healthy amount of fixes and miscellaneous tweaks. Water materials for Aztec, Inferno, and Nuke have been optimized. By default, players can now apply graffiti quickly by pressing and releasing the graffiti menu key. Several spots where C4 would get stuck in Dust II, Cobblestone, Overpass, and Train have been fixed as well.