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Xbox One Scorpio Graphical Improvements Depend on Developers

The developers of Bebylon Battle Royale, an upcoming VR title, have said that the Xbox One Scorpio graphical improvements that players will be seeing once the console actually launches are going to be the responsibility of the developers. Previously, Spencer said that it would be up to the developers on how high the game’s graphics were.

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The Xbox One Scorpio has been touted by Microsoft as being a 4K Xbox console that could beat the Playstation 4 Pro when it comes to graphics. While this is yet to be tested (especially since the Scorpio isn’t slated to come out until later this year) the specs of the Scorpio have definitely gotten a number of people’s attention, and Microsoft has touted it as being near a PC in terms of power.

However, the reception of the Scorpio may be more mixed if it is true, and the Xbox One Scorpio graphical improvements on games are more dependent on the developers than anything else, and how they allocate the resources of their development for the console.

After all, if games aren’t designed to run at 4K or higher, then attempting to make them run in that resolution anyway might just make them look worse than they normally would. For something like Bebylon, even if it’s not developed specifically for the Xbox One Scorpio, having look worse than it could might even break the immersion that virtual reality relies on to work properly.

With the Xbox One Scorpio’s potential, what with its six teraflops of processing power (not to mention all of the other fancy cards and components that will be a part of it on release), hopefully the console will have the potential to smoothly run anything that a developer can put on it. In the meantime, we’ll have to see what sort of Xbox One Scorpio graphical improvements developers can think up.