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Post-Launch For Honor Content Includes New Characters, Armor, Weapons

With For Honor slated to come out in around two weeks, Ubisoft has started pulling out all the stops to promote the first of its 2017 lineup (the other being Ghost Recon: Wildlands). The post-launch For Honor content, detailed in a new video, promises a wide variety of things that will help keep people playing.

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It’s already been known for a while now that buying the season pass of the game (with no big loss if you decide not to buy it) will net you early access to a number of new heroes, new maps, and new weapons, but Ubisoft’s new video has gone into detail on how we can expect that to be working on the future. For instance, a lot of the post-launch For Honor content will be dealing with the Faction War system, the main multiplayer system.

Running on seasons that will each last three months, the Faction War will end, with every participant getting rewards (but with the winners of the season getting the most). At the end of every one of these seasons, the game will be releasing two new heroes, two new maps, new rewards, and new weapons and armor to the game. Each of these new heroes will each have their own weapons and playstyle to ensure that the competitiveness of the game is continued.

As the post-launch period continues, players will be able to constantly advance through reputation levels, allowing them to unlock new gear to play with and customize their fighters with. As the game updates post-launch, these fighters will gain new tiers of abilities, weapons, and armor. Tournaments and ranked modes will also be coming to the game among the free updates that will be continually hitting.

If you buy the season pass for the post-launch For Honor content, you’ll be getting these new heroes a week early, along with a number of other goodies exclusively for you and other people that buy the season pass.

For Honor comes out on February 14 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.