Fire Emblem Heroes Marathon Guide – How to Reset Marathon, Marathon Exploit

Like many other mobile games, Fire Emblem Heroes can also be exploited in a limited number of ways. Fire Emblem: Heroes is a fun game to play but some exploits bring down the level of grinding you’ll have to go through as well as get more out of your activities.

The following Fire Emblem Heroes marathon guide will discuss a certain exploit in the game that allows you to reset marathon. We will share details that will help you reset.

Fire Emblem Heroes Marathon Guide

What we are trying to get is a strong character in the first round so you need to keep repeating this process until you are satisfied. What you need to do is connect to the wifi and download a copy of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Make sure your internet is strong or at least you are close to the router. Once you kick-start the game, you will be taken to a tutorial that you need to clear before you can continue. Toward the end of the system, players will be introduced to the Gacha system.

Use the Gacha system in hopes of getting the best character, however, if you fail to do so you need to reset the Marathon. Like I mentioned above, the purpose of resetting the marathon is getting a strong character early on.

If you don’t get your desired character, here is what you need to do. Use your device to install the Fire Emblem: Heroes and wait at least 20 seconds. Now, go back to your device’s respective store and download the game again.

Repeat the process by starting the tutorial once again in hopes of getting a better character. Again, if you don’t get one, uninstall and wait 20 seconds before downloading the game again.

Keep in mind that orb consumption will decrease with the amount of summons. 20 orbs for Gacha system should be enough. Moreover, completing the first round gives you an orb that can help you farm orbs. However, once you are out of all 20 orbs, it is best to reset.

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