Fire Emblem Heroes Feather Farming Guide – How to Farm Feathers, Tips for Farming

Fire Emblem Heroes feather farming guide will discuss how you can farm this item. We will suggest tips that will help you grab more features in the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes Feather Farming Guide

The big question in your mind right now might be regarding the use of Feathers in Fire Emblem: Heroes? Well, in order for the player to bring their heroes to full potential, they need to use Feathers.

You need to increase the combat effectiveness of your unit and Feathers are a must for this. There are a number of ways you can exploit the game in order to farm these Feathers and use when you need them the most.

Fire Emblem Heroes players can use the Story mode, Arena, and/or the Special Maps.

The story mode is the easiest to do as the players can go through it and earn a feather which may drop at the end of each chapter. It doesn’t take long to complete the story mode so it is best to complete it over and over in order to farm feathers conveniently.

Well, Fire Emblem Heroes also comes with a feature called Arena. The feature will allow players to have a PvP experience and is a way to get  more feathers. However, this isn’t the most effective way and you need to win. Still, if you are good you can make a decent amount of feathers.

Special maps are a useful feature as they drop random prizes including orbs and feathers. This is not only a way to farm orbs but also feathers in Fire Emblem: Heroes. You can add your friends in Heroes and get feathers as well. Add someone and you will feathers.

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