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Digital Foundry’s For Honor Graphics Comparison Pits PS4 Against PS4 Pro

Digital Foundry is at it again with their videos, this time launching a For Honor graphics comparison video that pits the Playstation 4 version of the game against the Playstation 4 Pro version, as of the closed beta which ended last week. The game’s open beta will begin on February 9, next Thursday.

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According to the video, the graphics comparison between the two is essentially what you would expect when a better version of a console goes up against the original model, especially when the better version is designed with 4K (or at least higher resolution) in mind. The Playstation 4 Pro version of the game has 1440p resolution, as opposed to the vanilla Playstation 4’s 1080p resolution. Both versions, however, have a smooth 30 frames per second framerate, though a lack of 60 frames may be off-putting for the more rabid graphics-hounds.

The Playstation 4 Pro version of the game also has a clearer and more high-definition image, according to the For Honor graphics comparison video.

For Honor is one of Ubisoft’s most anticipated titles in the last few months, and promises a great deal of bloodshed and battle as players pit knights, samurai, and Vikings against one another to see who will come out supreme. The game promises not only a multiplayer mode (both in isolated multiplayer and a “Faction War” mode between the three warrior groups) but also a single-player campaign, which focuses around the unified efforts of all three factions to bring down the brutal warlord Apollyon.

For Honor will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 14 (so if you and your SO are having any relationship troubles you can work it out in the game). If you want to watch Digital Foundry’s For Honor graphics comparison video for yourself, you can find the link further up in the article.