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Arma 3 Lego Mod Is A Hilarious New Addition To Bohemia’s Military Sim

Bohemia Interactive’s games have had a long standing history with some amazing mods and the latest Arma 3 Lego mod is no different.

Just one of numerous mods that fill up the Steam Workshop for the game, Arma 3 Lego mod is titled Operation Blockhead and replaces character models from inside the game with Lego characters.

Another interesting thing about the mod is that it is actually made by Bohemia’s animation lead, Mondkalb, which just shows how even the developers wholeheartedly embrace the modding community when it comes to Arma.

Mondkalb says that his intention was “mostly to demonstrate how versatile the engine is.” The mod is a fully independent character setup, including “original animations, ragdoll, weapons, clothes swapping, head and face textures, lip movement and of course hats.”

Given their blockiness, the characters of Arma 3 Lego mod are however missing some of the key features that make Arma 3 a military sim and not just another random shooter.

These Lego characters are missing crouch and prone animations because apparently Mondkalb was unable to make them work while working on the Eden Editor.

The incredibly weird body physics of Arma 3 does however work for these new models and actually gets translated to something even more messed up and hilarious.

Given the photorealistic environments of Tanao, the presence of these Lego characters in the world gives the game a really unique and interesting vibe and it looks as if players might be viewing the world through some AR glasses.

Since even Lego blocks based structures can be added to the game through the mod, it is only a matter of time before the whole world gets converted into a massive Lego land. That might actually spark off another stand-alone game similar to how DayZ was created as a mod for Arma 2.