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AMD Ryzen CPUs Will Support Windows 7, Unlike Intel Kaby Lake

We talked about how Intel Kaby Lake CPUs will not support the previous versions of Windows and you will need to be running the Windows 10 operating system in order to take advantage of the latest generation CPUs from Intel. AMD seems to have a completely different approach with AMD Ryzen CPUs as the company has announced that AMD Ryzen CPUs will indeed support Windows 7.

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According to ComputerBase:

“AMD’s Ryzen and other socket AM4 chipsets will receive drivers for Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system. This was announced by the manufacturer during a presentational event on the platform. Intel’s Kaby Lake processors only  officially support Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 [and not Windows 7].”

This does not mean that AMD Ryzen will have all features on Windows 7 as the OS has been getting security updates but Microsoft has not been giving the older operating system full support. This is sad because many people love the older OS and I think that it was as close to perfection as possible.

“This does not have to mean that Windows 7 will fully support all the features of Ryzen and AM4 chipsets. The operating system has been receiving security and function updates for more than two years, and Microsoft has confirmed its intention not to fully support new processors for its operating systems prior to Windows 8.1. For example, Windows 7 running with an Intel Kaby Lake processor does not fully support the existing HEVC (H.264) driver. Even the built-in Windows 8.1 Media Player does not support HEVC with Kaby Lake. A Ryzen CPU without graphics support could suffer similar problems.”

AMD Ryzen CPUs will be coming out in March and we are excited to see what it will have to offer. I think that this will cause a huge splash in the market when it comes to competing with Intel Kaby Lake. Let us know what you think about the upcoming AMD Ryzen CPUs.