Blizzard Entertainment Lawsuit Against World of Warcraft Cheat Company

Bossland GmbH is a company that specializes in making cheats for popular games and it also made a World of Warcraft cheat bot. The World of Warcraft cheat bot replicated the moves of users and caused damage in the world. This ruins the experience for other players as the World of Warcraft cheat bot puts the player that uses the cheat at a significant advantage.

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Blizzard went to court against this World of Warcraft cheat company and the German Federal Court of Justice ruled in Blizzards favor saying that:

Bossland is dedicated to illegal activities through the creation and distribution of these bot for World of Warcraft.

The company was also ruled over for copyright infringement. Blizzard is actively going to court against companies that are creating cheats for games and this World of Warcraft Cheat Company is only just the beginning.

World of Warcraft Cheat

Overwatch is also a game owned by Blizzard and the company is taking steps against companies that are creating cheats for Overwatch as well.

It is interesting to see the lengths that companies are willing to go in order to protect their IPs and it is good. Multiplayer games are no fun if they are not balanced properly and cheaters cause the game to be spoiled one way or the other.

There is no fun in bullying other people that are new to the game and this is what causes people to hesitate when getting into multiplayer games. Buying the game is a huge barrier to entry and when people know that there are people that are going to be cheating and ruining the experience for other people then people are going to hesitate.

It is good to know what this World of Warcraft cheat bot maker has been brought to justice and while this does not mean that the game is clean from cheaters but it is a step in the right direction.