Take A Closer Look At Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad Replica

Bioware has published a trailer video for Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad replica. It’s a 1:18 vehicle that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and it’s included in the Collector’s Edition NOMAD ND1, purchasable here.

As an explorer of uncharted worlds, take control of your own officially licensed Collector’s Edition NOMAD ND1 with this accurate 1:18 remote controllable vehicle featured in Mass Effect™: Andromeda. This highly detailed 1:18 scale RC vehicle features 6 wheel drive with front and rear steering, is app enabled (available on Google Play™ and from the App Store), and includes a limited edition SteelBook® case. Switch your vehicle’s lights on and off and snap photos or record videos while on-the-go with the integrated camera, all through the downloadable app! The built-in rechargeable battery with included USB charge cable ensures that you’ll never run out of power while you’re navigating the Andromeda Galaxy.

App controlled using smart device 6 wheel drive with front and rear steering Functioning LEDs and built-in camera Built-in rechargeable battery with USB charge cable Includes a limited edition SteelBook® case Individually numbered

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However, More Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer details have been addressed by the game’s producer Fernando Melo.

According to his words, Mass Effect Andromeda will be p2p and there won’t be any crossplay between different platforms.

@tibermoon is there any chance the mp will be crossplay with PC/Xbox or PC/PS4? Also really hoping for dedicated servers.

— Jeremy (@Tinkham11) January 27, 2017

@tibermoon@Tinkham11 crossplay not in the current plans, sorry. and mp is peer to peer (same as me3)

— Fernando Melo (@DiscoBabaloo) January 27, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda will release on March 21, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.