Street Fighter V Sales Hobble Past 1.5 Million Units Sold

Capcom hopes to do better this year as it reflects on unsuccessful attempts at improving the crippling Street Fighter V sales from last year.

The latest installment in the iconic series released back in February, much to the dismay of the fighting game community. Due to mounting criticism of a rushed release, Street Fighter V sales only registered 1.4 million by the end of April. The rough launch meant that Capcom had failed to meet its forecast of at least two million sales in the launch-month alone.

In an earnings briefing this week, Capcom announced that lifetime Street Fighter V sales have reached 1.5 million as of December 31. The news paints a bleak picture for the game. It essentially means that Street Fighter V only sold close to 100,000 units in the last eight months, between May and December.

In comparison, Mortal Kombat X did remarkably well in its first year despite having a smaller community. Released in April 2015, Mortal Kombat X sold more than 5 million copies worldwide by October. It was also the fastest selling game in the franchise and the ninth best-selling retail game of the year in the United States.

It should be noted that there is no clarification to whether the figures represent units sold to retailers or consumers. In most cases, it’s taken as units shipped out to retailers unless mentioned otherwise by the company.

Street Fighter V is currently paving way to the unveiling of its Season 2 DLC. The arrival of new characters, as well as the promise from Capcom to introduce several improvements this year, may turn around sales for the game.

Many are suggesting that Capcom needs to re-release Street Fighter V with a price cut that includes the characters from the first season. In the very least, the developer needs to gain the favor and respect of its player-base.