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LCK Teams Penalized for Tardiness and Intentionally Disconnecting

The South Korean League of Legends circuit does not only boast the best talent in the world but also comes with strict rules and regulations. Earlier this week, Riot Games took severe notice of the actions of two teams currently participating in the LCK Spring Split.

On January 24, top-laner for MVP Gunmo “ADD” Kang disconnected from a live game before the game was finished. It’s mandatory that all players must remain in the game until the very end. Intentionally disconnecting even while the Nexus is being destroyed is liable for punishment. As such, MVP has received a Caution penalty for the remainder of the split.

On January 25, Longzhu Gaming arrived late for its match against KT Rolster. This was the second time in the week that the team had failed to be punctual. While tardiness itself is not an offense that results in a Caution penalty, Longzhu Gaming had already received a verbal warning on January 17 for being late. Hence, the second occurrence forced Riot Games to mark the team with a Caution penalty for the remainder of the split.

The official LCK rule-set (in Korean) states that a team will lose a set score in the leader-board if it receives two Caution penalties from Riot Games in a season. From hereon, it’s important that both MVP and Longzhu Gaming stay vigilant.

A couple of hours ago, Longzhu Gaming won its best-of-three set against Kongdoo Monster to rise in the team standings of the ongoing Spring Split with a score of 2-2. MVP currently sits at sixth place in the standings with 1-2. It is scheduled to face SK Telecom T1 on Sunday, February 5.

via InvenGlobal