Razer Announces Yellow Mechanical Keyboard Switch

After ending their reliance on Cherry’s MX line up of switches, Razer came up with creation / co-creation of their own mechanical switches lineup with Razer Green / Razer Orange mechanical keyboard switches, however, Razer is coming up now with yellow mechanical keyboard switches.

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The mechanical keyboard switch lineup by Razer has already done fantastic job in terms of click response and force activation. However, the yellow mechanical keyboard switch will narrow down further the response time, activation force and it will be linear and silent.

Razer, Yellow, Mechanical Keyboard, Switch

Moreover, the Green mechanical switch design is similar to the Cherry MX Blue, with a 50cN activation force and a click response. The Orange, on the other hand, aims at the Cherry MX Brown, with a 45cN activation force and a bumpy response, without a click.

As such, both of them have some sort of feedback at the point of activation. However, the yellow Mechanical keyboard switch will be linear and silent with an activation force of 45cN.

Currently, the Razer Yellow mechanical keyboard switch is just available in the Razer Blackwidow Chrome V2.

One of the difficulties with purchasing a mechanical keyboard is that they are quite expensive and vary greatly in subtle, but important ways. First and foremost, we have the different types of keyswitches. These are the components that are responsible for making each button behave, and thus varying them will lead to variations in how those buttons react and feel.

Mechanical switches have always been superior for speed and accuracy and before 2010, they were only used for typing, because they were made precisely for that purpose. Razer then made the radical decision to use mechanical switches for a gaming keyboard and that birthed the world’s very first gaming mechanical keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow. 

Four years later, Razer redefined the limits of gaming performance by creating mechanical switches that were designed specifically to meet the demands of gaming – the Razer™ Mechanical Switch was born.