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Nintendo Switch Menu Leak Shows More UI Options, Increased Storage

Since the Nintendo Switch is going to be getting its own commercial at the Super Bowl, Nintendo has promoted that advertisement across the world the past few days. However, the Portugese Nintendo division apparently showed off more than was intended, and the resulting Nintendo Switch menu leak gave us some new info.

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The video, which Nintendo Portugal uploaded onto YouTube, ends up showing a small amount of developer menus, along with more options. These options are fairly minor, but they do involve things like showing you the percentage of battery life left on the console’s tablet, brightness settings, and automatic updates for date and time.

However, the Nintendo Switch menu leak also gave us some insight into the developer versions of the console, mainly that their storage space is bigger than the retail version of the console. The dev versions have 64 gigabytes of storage space, unlike the 32 gigabyte limit that the regular Nintendo Switch is going to be using.

However, this isn’t as unfair as it sounds. While the 64 gigabytes on the Nintendo Switch dev console is indeed twice as much as the retail version (which some people may be angry with–after all, if the dev consoles can have it, why can’t the retail versions?), this is only storage space, not actual RAM; the dev consoles are no better than the retail versions in anything except how much data can be stored on them to begin with. Nintendo may even release a bigger graphics card to match the dev version.

While the Nintendo Switch menu leak is definitely another juicy tidbit of information, it’s just one more thing that Nintendo will likely reveal (intentionally or not) about the console before it releases on March 3, catapulting Nintendo into the current console generation after sticking with the Wii U for several years.