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Is A New Steam Client On The Way? Leaked Screenshots Apparently Say So

Steam in its present form has been around ever since the client’s inception and release by Valve way back in 2003. While at first it started out as a nuisance by many, the client has rapidly exploded into one of the most-used ways to buy PC games on the market. Now, a new Steam client may be coming.

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With EA and Ubisoft making their own game clients in the forms of Origin and UPlay (both of which have met with mixed success as they attempt to copy Steam’s winning formula), a new look to the client, while possibly unneeded, might have been in the works for a while, according to the leaked files that were posted on NeoGAF.

From what we can see via leaked screenshots and files, the new Steam client appears to be making the interface more streamlined and customizable, including filtering and sorting various games, having separate sections in the store for apps, movies, TV, and games (which, considering all of the movies getting mixed up into the games lists, is probably for the best).

The games on your Steam list will also have new custom pages that give more information about trading cards and achievements you earn, along with your playtime, in addition to other gamers that are streaming the game, so if you’re tired of playing and instead just want to watch someone else, you can.

These images about the new client were actually shipped out with the new Steam client beta as well, so if they really are officially from Valve you can be certain that Steam is going to be getting a makeover soon.

While we don’t really know much about exactly how Valve will change Steam as the new client pops up, hopefully when Valve does implement it they’ll do it well and Steam will be better than ever before.