Minecraft Update 1.41 Drops For Playstation 4 Consoles, Mostly Bug Fixes

Minecraft update 1.41 has dropped today for Playstation 4 players, though if you were expecting some sort of big content drop, you’re out of luck. The update mainly focuses on fixing a number of bugs that were on the Playstation 4 version of the game, mainly related to drops, though new trophies and skins were also included.

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When it comes to the bug fixes, as said above, Minecraft update 1.41 mainly focuses around bugs and the lack of certain drops from enemies. For instance, previous bugs included dead bushes not dropping sticks, Zombie Pigmen not dropping golden ingots, burning chickens not dropping cooked meat when they die, and Blazes not dropping Glowstone Dust.

However, drops aren’t the only fix to come with the update; there are a number of glitches besides that that are also being added into the update, including fixing how Wither Skeletons are able to walk through two-block high spaces, incorrect lighting where a player is present, fixing areas where End Gateways could be broken, and even a few incorrect tooltips.

Minecraft update 1.41 actually has a few things added to it that aren’t bug fixes, however; the update does add a few new trophies for the game’s Survival Mode, meaning that you’ll be able to earn trophies for more things that you accomplish while simply living in the Minecraft world. Players will also be getting more trophies for the game’s Tumble mode, where players have to dig blocks out from other players’ feet in order to send them plummeting into a pit of lava below.

Finally, the update has also added a trial version of the Villains Skin Pack, meaning that you’ll have a few of the skins to play with from the pack to see if you want to buy the full pack to play with all of the skins.