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Professional League of Legends Has Unofficial Rule Against Poachers

Earlier this week, Henrik “Froggen” Hansen of Echo Fox claimed that the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) teams are denying them scrims.

In an interview with Yahoo Esports, the star mid-laner stated that players have been ordered by team owners to not play with Echo Fox. This in turn has proven difficult for the former NBA player Rick Fox-owned organization to improve. As a last resort, Echo Fox has turned to practicing against its sister team.

Tensions between Echo Fox and other North American League of Legends teams reflect back on a controversial incident that took place around the pre-season.

Last year, teams were trying to strong-arm Riot Games to renegotiate their LCS agreement for 2017. According to reports, Riot Games responded by allowing all North American League of Legends organizations to poach each other until the players signed on the dotted line.

Echo Fox was the only organization that attempted to poach Adrian “Adrian” Ma from Pheonix1. In December, Riot Games defended Echo Fox by stating that Adrian wasn’t listed on the Player Contract Database when the incident took place. However, it appears that North American teams have not accepted the clarification.

Earlier today, Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles took to Twitter to reveal an interesting and undocumented fact about the professional North American scene. According to the former League of Legends pundit and current commentator for Overwatch, there is a long-time agreement between team owners to alienate others who attempt to poach.

He added that he himself agreed to the unofficial rule when he became a team owner in the LCS. “I agreed to ice attempted poachers from scrims,” he said. “One of the few ways to enforce since Riot can’t be trusted.”

Teams often scrim against one another to improve their skills and experiment with different compositions. Echo Fox being denied that may prove costly for the team. For now, it’s pretty content with practicing with its sister team. However, that might not prove that convenient in the weeks to come.