Holo Vive Observer Offers Mixed Reality Space Between HoloLens, Vive

Drew Gottlieb, a software developer was able to combine the Hololens with the Vive and make a unique mixed reality experience between the HoloLens and the HTC Vive. He has called the device the Holo Vive Observer. The Holo Vive Observer also allows the user to use the Vive controllers while using the HoloLens. The Vive controllers are great, at least from my experience.

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Holo Vive Observer

Holo Vive Observer is a software that allows the person wearing the HoloLens to view Vive experience in mixed reality. This is cool because it allows one to see what the Vive user will be seeing in mixed reality, in real-time.

“The interesting part is that when the same app runs on a HoloLens, it automatically connects to the VR session using Unity’s built-in networking and matchmaking service,”

Another cool feature of Holo Vive Observer is that it allows users to connect multiple HoloLens headsets to the same Unity experience. You need not have a person strapped into the Vive, the computer that the Vive is connected to will be hosting the session but you can put the headset down and can interact with the mixed reality environment.

“How do we align the virtual and room spaces? Ideally, this would happen automatically, but I couldn’t think of a way to do this just using the technology offered by the Vive and HoloLens,”

Holo Vive Observer

After Drew Gottlieb created the Holo Vive Observer he accepted an internship at Google in order to work on the future of Tilt Brush. Holo Vive Observer is not a collaboration with Google as of right now but I am sure that there are people that would want to see this integrated with Tilt Brush.

The source code has been released for everyone to check out. Let us know what you think about the Holo Vive Observer.