GeForce 378.57 Fixes Debug Mode, Crashing Java OpenGL Apps, Pascal Cards Performance

Previously, the GeForce drivers 378.49 released providing support for new games, especially for Resident Evil 7, but, other issues came in hot also and later on, the new GeForce 378.57 hotfix is said to fix them.

Many users complained about broken and crashing of apps, and above all the overclocking of some Pascal cards was limited to stock reference speeds only. The new GeForce 378.57 hotfix gets things right which previous hotfix created indirectly. The new GeForce 378.57 hotfix is said to fix two key issues created by the previous hotfix version.

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First, users at GeForce forums complained about broken PhysX on Maxwell Cards, crashing of Java OpenGL apps, Pascal cards stuck at the reference speeds due to debug mode being stuck on.

Second, the previous hotfix also caused problems for players of the seminal block-building game Minecraft, thanks to a strange interaction between the driver and Java OpenGL applications.

According to this post on the official Minecraft Reddit, the problem appears to lie with the driver’s 3D Vision functionality. Users who decided to skip installing the 3D Vision component were spared the trouble.

Regarding the debug mode issue, the mode is only available on graphics cards with factory overclocks. Furthermore, it seems that this mode will lock factory-overclocked cards to reference speeds for troubleshooting purpose.

In the 378.49 driver, many Pascal cards incorrectly had debug mode forced on, something that could cause lower-than-expected graphics performance or interfere with overclocking.

The GeForce 378.57 hotfix driver should fix both of the reported issues. However, the issue was not solved easily as few users on GeForce forums reported that they had to do clean install in order to get done with debug mode problem.

If you are the one who downloaded the previous hotfix of GeForce and got frustrated by the irrational issues, you can download the latest hotfix here.