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New GameStop Program Rewards Employees For Selling Used Products To Customers

According to some employees, a new GameStop program seems to suggest the giant video games retailer might be more evil than many gamers originally believed.

Titled Circle of Life, this new GameStop program encourages sales personnel to lie to customers in order to not only receive bonuses but also in some cases to keep their jobs.

Under the program, each GameStop store has a different percentage quota for pre orders, reward card subscriptions, used game sales and game trade-ins which the store absolutely needs to fulfill based on its total transactions.

Say a store’s quote for used game sales is 30% and the store sells $1,000 worth of merchandise in a time. Out of this amount, $300 worth of stuff sold has to be pre-owned and sales personnel cannot make up for it by selling new items.

Employees are encouraged to sell used game copies as the more new and unopened copies they sell, the more used games they will have to sell to make up for that deficit.

According to some people who talked to Kotaku about this issue, the new GameStop program is encouraging employees to stop people from buying new games and hardware and instead opt for used products.

For this very purpose, employees end up lying to customers about the availability of a new product, say a game and instead offer to sell them a used copy of the game when in fact the new copy might have a lower retail price.

One of the employees said:

This is company wide and in discussions with my peers it is a common practice. We also tell customers we don’t have copies of new games in stock when they are on sale—for example, Watch Dogs 2 is currently $29.99 new and $54.99 pre-owned. We just tell them we don’t have the new one in stock and shuffle them out the door

The Circle of Life program was apparently started last year but since then has picked up pace.