Final Fantasy XV Off-Road Regalai Confirmed, Chapter 13 Update Coming In March And More

Final Fantasy XV launched with great critical and commercial success and Square Enix has a lot of plans for the game. During the Active Time Report, game director Hajime Tabata revealed the upcoming updates for the game that will drop February.

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During the event, Hajime Tabata also discussed the Booster Pack DLC that will also be available on February 21, 2017, along with PS4 Pro patch. The Booster Pack+ is exclusive to season pass holders and The Booster Pack will be for everyone who purchased the game and it will be free.

However, The Booster Pack DLC will launch at a later date, and will also include Magitek Exosuits granting Noctis and his allies invincibility for limited time,

The Booster Pack+ includes:

  • Buster Sword (sword)
  • Dragonmod (fishing rod)
  • Aviol (fishing rod component)

Hajime Tabata also revealed that the Episode Gladiolus DLC will launch in March and the promised update for Chapter 13 will also be available in March.

Furthermore, the devs also showcased the off-road Regalia that will allow players to freely drive around in the world, but it’s still in development and is currently unknown when it will arrive.

Also, Tabata announced that Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo will be expiring on March 31, 2017.

Final Fantasy XV is an open world action-adventure game developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.