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EVGA CLC 120 And 280 All In One Liquid Coolers, Better Flow Rate

EVGA has entered the cooling solutions market with the launch of the EVGA CLC 120 and 280 all in one liquid coolers for your CPU. EVGA claims that the EVGA CLC 120 and 280 provide better flow rate and produce less noise as compared to the competition. The better cooling block has an increased surface area that allows for more heat to be dissipated faster.

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If you are a fan of RGB lights then you will be delighted to know that there is an RGB EVGA logo that can match the color of your build or whatever you want to set it to. You can also link it with a modern day GPU so that the colors can sync with one another.


The EVGA CLC 120 and 280 feature curved fan holders for redcuced noise and the fans are unique as well. The fan design is for increased airflow. EVGA will also be releasing a utility software for the EVGA CLC 120 and 280 so that you can fiddle with the settings and customize them to your liking as much as you want. The EVGA CLC 120 and 280 will be available in the US immediately and will be coming to other places later on.


The 120mm version will cost $89.99 and the 280mm version will cost $129.99. If you are waiting for the AMD Ryzen chips and are wondering whether or not the EVGA CLC 120 and 280 will support the AM4 platform then you need not worry as EVGA will be providing a bracket for users that want to use the cooler on the upcoming AMD AM4 platform. EVGA should get points for that.


If you are in the market for an all in one liquid cooler then you should consider looking into the EVGA CLC 120 and 280. They are some cool new products that I think are worth looking into. You might find something you like.