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New Battleborn Story Operation, Montana And The Demon Bear, Out Today

Despite poor sales, mediocre reviews, lots of controversy and a dead player base, it doesn’t seem like Gearbox Software is ready to give up on Battleborn just yet as they have released the latest Battleborn story operation today.

Titled Montana and the Demon Bear, the fourth Battleborn story operation tells the story of the machine gun wielding tiny headed brute Montana and his counter with a Varelsi beast.

Alongside the story operation, the new Battleborn update also introduces new skins, titles and legendary equipment. Those who manage to hit a high score in the operation will also get commander packs to be opened for more loot.

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The new Battleborn story operation is available for free to those who own the Season Pass of the game, which might be a very small number of people given the sales. Those who don’t have the season pass but still want to try the DLC out can purchase it in-game for 700 platinum.

Gearbox Software also announced the next Battleborn story operation, the fifth and final operation as part of the season pass. Titled Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar, players will be reliving Phoebe’s story as she investigates the homeworld of the Eldrid.

There is no word on when the fifth DLC will be released.

Battleborn also recently released a new hero character, Beatrix, the final character that was scheduled to be released as DLC for the game post-launch.

Considering how all the DLCs for the game are finally wrapping up and there is no more content for the season pass which Gearbox is obligated to deliver, it is highly likely that the game will fade away from memory real soon similar to Evolve.

While not essentially a bad game, Battleborn’s launch so close to the juggernaut from Blizzard, Overwatch, made it very difficult for the game to be a success despite having a co-op campaign which Overwatch lacked.

Recent porn controversy from Gearbox CEO didn’t help matters either.