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Ark Survival Evolved Experimental Servers Take Away The Option To Tame And Use Dinos

Just days after introducing the Tek Tier update, Studio Wildcard has now started up some Ark Survival Evolved experimental servers to delve into the minds of players who love the game.

One of the key features that makes Ark unique from numerous other open world survival games out there is the ability to tame, breed and ride dinosaurs. These dinosaurs can be used for hunting, harvesting or simply travelling quickly between locations.

These new Ark Survival Evolved experimental servers are created to test whether the game is actually any fun once that core mechanic has been taken out.

On the community forums, the following has been posted from the Studio Wildcard team:

These are a bit different to our standard servers as they do not allow players to tame, ride, or breed creatures. ARK has a lot of core survival elements to it, and we wanted to see how players would find playing the game without the help of their trusty tames. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re moving to a non-dino focused environment, it’s just another customisation we’ve introduced for everyone

The Ark Survival Evolved experimental servers can be discovered through the server browser by typing in “NoTamingExperiment” in the search box. To make up for the lack of tameable creatures, these servers will have a 2x multiplier on harvesting and XP gained.

Dinosaurs will still populate the game world so for those who love to simply hunt them on foot might not have that much of an issue on these new servers. The new servers will feature tribes of up to a maximum of 10 players with the total server player limit at 120 players.

Whether anyone is really interested in testing these Ark Survival Evolved experimental servers or not remains to be seen but given the popularity of the game on PC as well as Xbox One and PS4, it wouldn’t be too much to imagine at least a couple of people trying them out.