AMD Conference Call Confirms Ryzen, Vega On Track, Release Date Set

For those who thought that they would be able to get their hands on the new AMD Vega GPUs early 2017, would have to wait a little longer. Although, the recent AMD Conference call confirms that Ryzen and Vega are planned to be released during GDC 2017. The SR5 variants of the new Ryzen lineup were rumored to pack 6 cores and 16 threads but it seems that isn’t the case.

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Furthermore, the relevant details about AMD Ryzen and Vega were not covered during AMD Conference Call, but came out in post-results publication conference call. In a statement accompanying the results Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO talked about AMD meeting its strategic objectives during 2016.

In addition to that he explained how AMD is positioned for a decade to come:

 As we enter 2017, we are well positioned and on-track to deliver our strongest set of high-performance computing and graphics products in more than a decade

Moreover, AMD Conference Call confirmed few key details about AMD’s plans and schedule execution for this year by giving a rough idea of the timeline:

  • Ryzen desktop processors will ship in the current first quarter,
  • Zen-based data centre server processors will ship in the Q2 2017,
  • Laptop and embedded Zen-based chips will ship in H2 2017,
  • Vega graphics chips will ship in Q2 2017,
  • and Raven Ridge APUs should ship from H2 2017

What makes AMD Ryzen and Vega a big deal is that AMD’s Ryzen CPUs may not just be an attractive proposition for overclockers and enthusiasts, but could make solid mainstream processors too.

Thanks to a new Compute Unit design and a revamped pixel engine, along with High Bandwidth Cache, which is the name AMD is giving to the second generation high bandwidth memory (HBM2) attached to Vega, we are hoping THIS time AMD will make a difference.

A desktop or laptop built on the combination of AMD Ryzen CPU and Vega GPU can and will punch a serious power. What do you think?