Another Tony Hawks Game Is Coming But Not From Activision

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 was poorly received and there was a lot of criticism surrounding the game and after that we thought that it would be the end of the matter. At least we would not be getting another Tony Hawks game in a while. It seems that we amongst other people were wrong in thinking so as the skateboarder has confirmed that there will be another Tony Hawks Game coming out but this time there will be no involvement from Activision.

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Tony Hawks talked about the upcoming Tony Hawks Game and said the following:

“Not from Activision. I’m potentially working on something but it’s so early I couldn’t talk about it,”

Tony Hawks Game

Now it is very interesting that it has been clearly mentioned that the game will not be under Activision. This could be a hint that the IP has been sold to someone else or that it is a new IP in its own. As of right now, we are not sure and we will have to wait for confirmation regarding this.

“I don’t have any contracts signed but it’s exciting. I feel like it’s with the right people so I should know more in the next couple months,”

It seems that the next Tony Hawks game is on its way as early in development as it may be. We will need to wait a bit to find out about the details but it seems that Tony Hawks is very excited about the game. It may be possible that it will be done right this time and it will not be the disaster that we saw previously with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5.

I have played some of the games but not all, it will be interesting to see what the new Tony Hawks game will be like to play.