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SKT Members Begin Streaming on Twitch

SK Telecom T1, the best League of Legends team in the world, has officially migrated to Twitch for immediate streaming sessions for fans.

Several South Korean esports organizations, including SKT, were previously contracted with Azubu. With recent reports of outstanding dues and frail revenue generation, it’s no surprise that Azubu was unable to convince the world champions to stay.

According to reports, the legal binding between SKT and Azubu ended yesterday. The League of Legends athletes wasted no time in creating their official Twitch channels and begin streaming within minutes.

“SKT are trying Twitch out as of today,” said Twitch Korea’s Susie Kim in a statement. “I hope they enjoy it enough to stay.”

The following are the official Twitch accounts for the roster:

At the moment, there is no mention of Lee “Faker” Sang-heyok. The best League of Legends player may have been too busy to establish his account. We’ll update the list once the information is made available to us. Suffice to say, Twitch servers may take a severe beating when Faker does start streaming on the platform.

In 2014, over a dozen League of Legends teams partnered with Azubu to stream exclusively on the Twitch competitor. In the past months, several have parted ways because of Azubu not paying its partners. Additionally, most of its investments in developing markets ended up in disaster, forcing Azubu out.

Twitch remains as the largest streaming platform for video games, and with the new inclusion of SK Telecom T1, it just got larger. It’s likely that we’ll see other key figures in the Korean League of Legends community migrate as well.