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Watch Sea of Thieves Gameplay Video Showing Developers In Action

Rare has started a new Sea of Thieves gameplay video series, showcasing some the development team and their adventures during the Technical Alpha.

The first part of the Sea of Thieves gameplay video series, titled We Come Bearing Gifts, went up yesterday alongside a blogpost on the official website of the game.

The 8-minute long video features developers playing alongside a number of players who took part in the Insider testing phase on Xbox One.

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The Sea of Thieves gameplay video series part 1 footage includes a 4 man team comprising of the game’s lead designer Mike Chapman and executive producer Joe Neate alongside Senior Designers Andy and Shelly Preston.

The Rare team took it upon themselves to find a treasure chest hidden in the game world and instead of cashing it in for rewards, they delivered it to a team of test players as a reward.

Not only that, considering these were the very first players to receive an in-game reward from Rare, they will also be given some physical goodies in the future.

From the gameplay footage shown in this new Sea of Thieves gameplay video, open world multiplayer pirate adventure from the developers of Battletoads is shaping up really nice.

Considering Microsoft’s recent cancellation of multiple games it had announced since the launch of Xbox One, including Scalebound and Fable Legends, the company really needs games like Sea of Thieves to make its mark and show the gaming community that the platform isn’t just interested in first party AAA titles like Halo, Forza and Gear franchises.

Being built in Unreal Engine 4, Sea of Thieves is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2017 although there is no proper date yet. The game features PvP mechanics alongside co-op adventuring and a dynamic day and night cycle with a weather system.