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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Resolution Will Run At 2160p Checkerboard Resolution on PS4 Pro

With Horizon Zero Dawn having recently gone gold, and with it getting closer and closer to release (February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe), people are now wondering about the specs of the game. According to Guerrilla Games and Sony, Horizon Zero Dawn’s resolution will run at 2160p checkerboard on the Playstation 4 Pro.

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Considering that the Pro is supposed to be a much more powerful Playstation 4, the fact that its version of Horizon Zero Dawn would have better resolution than the normal Playstation 4 sort of goes without saying. Considering how good the game looks already (barring a few performance issues when it comes to things like climbing the Tallneck creatures), Horizon Zero Dawn’s resolution being at such a high number upon release will hopefully help the game look and run even better.

The game’s new resolution amy also be in response to Guerrilla Games and their brand-new game engine, known as Decima. That’s the same game engine that Hideo Kojima’s game Death Stranding is going to be running on, and if Kojima is interested in it, that’s got to be a pretty big mark in its favor. Decima, in addition to running the game, also has parts of it that help to delegate physics, world-building, logic, and artificial intelligence.

However, even if Horizon Zero Dawn’s resolution is going to be higher on the Playstation 4 Pro than it is on the Playstation 4 (twice as high, even, with the PS4’s 1080p resolution), the game will likely look amazing regardless, and we’ll get to see a whole lot of it when we set Aloy out on her adventure when the game comes out next month.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be releasing exclusively for the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 4 Pro, so if you’re looking forward to the game and already have either a Playstation 4 Pro or a Playstation 4, you won’t have very long to wait.