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Evelynn and Urgot Rework Confirmed to Arrive This Year

The news about an Evelynn and Urgot rework arrives as sweet music to the ears of the League of Legends community this week.

Urgot in particular lost meaning on the Rift years ago. Besides a couple of instances, the Headsman’s Pride has never found himself to be worthy of professional play in the League Championship Series (LCS). The situation is the same at the amateur level as well.

Once a great soldier of Noxus, Urgot comes with an aging kit that has never been able to find relevant meaning in the game. He’s been swapped between roles in the past, from mid to top to even bottom lane. Now, the upcoming Urgot rework promises a fresh start for the corrosive champion.

Posting on the Nexus, lead producer of champion updates Ryan “REAV3” Mireles explained that Riot Games has two large teams dedicated to reworking champions: Team Alpha and Team Bravo.

Both focus on one specific champion each at a time. Most recently, Team Bravo was working on the overhaul of Warwick but has now signed up for the Urgot rework. Team Alpha is currently busy with Galio, whose rework should arrive in the coming months. Following that, Alpha will begin on the Evelynn rework.

“Urgot is like the poster child of champions with confused thematics, kit, visuals, and narrative,” said the producer. “There’s a LOT of stuff going on with Urgot that have made him a very difficult champion to rework, but we are happy to announce that we finally have a solid direction for Urgot that we want to go into production with.”

Much of the current aspects of Urgot are being thrown out. Each ability is being broken down to be built back again from scratch as “a more cohesive and understandable package”. Additionally, he’s getting a complete visual update, as well as significant improvements to his lore to match the new world that Riot Games has been building for the last couple of years.

Regarding Evelynn, Riot Games wants to solidify her as the assassin she was meant to be. Significant changes are being planned for her kit, but that doesn’t include removing her permanent stealth. That’s something unique to the Widowmaker and the developer wants to keep it that way.

Instead, the developer is focusing on making her a bit healthier, put more satisfaction in the usage of her abilities, and stop her from simply diving into every foray. Evelynn is also getting improvements in her lore.