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CD Projekt RED Forum Hacking Steals Over 1.8 Million Users’ Credentials

Some sort of malcontent has hacked the CD Projekt RED forums, and may have just gotten away with the user credentials of nearly 2 million forum-goers. The CD Projekt RED forum hacking actually happened back in March of 2016, but this appears to be the first that the wider gaming world is hearing about it.

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CD Projekt RED is most famously known as the developers of the very popular Witcher series of RPGs, the last of which, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, came out back in 2015 to critical acclaim.

Followed by two other similarly-reviewed DLC packs, the studio is now focusing on its upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077, along with an online game based on the Gwent card game from The Witcher 3.

The CD Projekt RED forum hacking was disclosed today to those affected by the data information site “Have I Been Pwned”, who emailed the affected forum-goers. The reason that we didn’t find out before then was because the data was only made available recently.

Forum hacks can normally result in the personal information of a goer being stolen, or can cause people to be locked out of their accounts. So, if you’ve ever had an account with the CD Projekt RED forums, now might be a good time to go in and change your password so that whoever hacked the forum can’t pretend to be you or something like that.

Hopefully something on the scale of the CD Projekt RED forum hacking won’t happen to the studio again, and nothing untoward will come of millions of users having their data stolen. However, it’s still best that you go in and change your password so that no one can do anything with your information, even if you don’t really have anything on there that would potentially ruin your life if someone got into it.