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Capcom Reorganizing Company Structure in the Wake of VR Success

VR is growing at a rapid pace and many major companies are jumping into the VR market in an attempt to grab the biggest chunk of share. Sony is already in with its PlayStation VR as well as Facebook with Oculus and HTC with VIVE.

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Developers and publishers are seeing the potential of this market and even making changes withing the companies to accommodate VR development. The most recent example is Capcom which has confirmed VR related structural changes within the company. During the latest financial report, Capcom acknowledged the rapid growth of VR industry.

During the nine-months period ended December 31, 2016, signs of major changes to our industry became evident, such as the successive releases of VR (virtual reality) devices that are highly compatible with games. With an eye to creating a new market we entered a new era many are calling “VR year one.”

Under such circumstances, the Company has carried out reorganization and strengthened its management structure aiming to reform its development divisions, which are the core of the Company’s business operations. At the same time, the Company promoted group-wide optimization, including its subsidiaries, by clarifying reporting lines and responsibilities to ensure speedy decision-making and agile business development.

Capcom just released Resident Evil 7, a highly acclaimed title that brought the series back into the limelight. The title supported PlayStation VR and although there were some design flaws with its VR version, it is a good start and great to see AAA titles jumping into VR.

You can pick up Resident Evil 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation VR.

Source: Capcom