Xbox One Will Be Supported For Many Years After Xbox One Scorpio Launch

2017 is a big year for gaming as we will not only see big game releases but this holiday season Xbox One Scorpio will also launch. However, Xbox One users are worried that with the release of Scorpio the support for Xbox One and Xbox One S will end.

However, Phil Spencer has other plans and has assured fans that this will not happen. Spencer replied to a fan, who raised the concern over Xbox One becoming obsolete after Xbox One Scorpio launch, that both Xbox One and Xbox One S will be supported for many years.

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Phil Spencer has been very vocal about the capabilities of Xbox One Scorpio claiming that it will be able to play games at native 4K resolution. So it comes as no surprise that gamers are excited about the console and are waiting to pre-order it.

However, Phil Spencer has advised against pre-ordering the Scorpio until they show games running on the console.

Given that Xbox One Scorpio will pack 6 TFLOPs of computational power the console will have no problem running games in VR and according to Studio Wildcard, Scorpio not only looks powerful enough to handle VR but it can also make it look good.

It looks plenty powerful enough (for VR) to support it and have it look really good, it’s just a matter of getting our hands on the console and seeing what we can achieve with it.

Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console when it launches with 6 TFLOPS of computational power and it is scheduled to launch in Holiday 2017.