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Post Launch Sniper Elite 4 Multiplayer Maps And Modes Will Be Free

We are a couple of weeks away from Sniper Elite 4 launch and fans of the sniper games are excited to get their hands on the game. While a majority of game devs charge for new multiplayer maps and modes after the game’s launch, Rebellion Developments intends to do the opposite by releasing Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer maps and modes for free.

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Speaking with PlayStationLifeStyle, Rebellion’s Head of Creative Tim Jones confirmed that Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer maps and modes will be free to the community after launch.

Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t include any microtransactions in the free-to- play, pay-to- win sense I imagine you’re referring to. As with Sniper Elite 3, you will be able to buy weapon skins, new weapons and characters to use in most modes but there are no in-game currency packs to buy or that sort of thing. And yes, there is a Season Pass. It’ll give you access to all the DLC we create, and as we did with Sniper Elite 3, we plan to support Sniper Elite 4 with tons of content after launch, including new campaign content, so there’s something for everyone.

And like I said, all multiplayer modes and maps will be entirely free for the community

It is good to see developers supporting their games with free content as did the Respawn Entertainment that released all of its multiplayer maps for free.

Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person tactical shooter stealth video game in development at Rebellion Development and is scheduled to launch on February 14, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStaiton 4.