Raven Software Will Increase Call of Duty Server Send Rate In New Patch

Raven Software, the studio behind the remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, has said that the Call of Duty server send rate will be increased in the new patch, after complaints from players that said that the new version wasn’t as high as the original Modern Warfare game.

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Server Send Rate is the same thing as a tick rate, which is the rate at which the game’s server sends updates to all of the players in a certain match. The higher the send rate, the less advantage the game’s host has over the rest of the game, meaning that everyone has a better chance to be on an even playing field.

The increase in the Call of Duty server send rate would likely bring the game closer to the original Modern Warfare, which brought Call of Duty into the competitive shooter mainstream with its highly praised multiplayer. However, the remastered version of the game seems to be having some problems with that aspect of the multiplayer, and so the hosts of games may have advantages over the other players.

However, those Call of Duty players that might be playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare may get a bit salty if Infinite Warfare doesn’t get the same sort of treatment. However, considering that Modern Warfare Remastered is likely far more popular than Infinite Warfare’s own multiplayer, Raven Software and Activision are likely focusing on it because it’s a better investment and is likely to be played longer (especially compared to the more criticized multiplayer of Infinite Warfare).

The adjustment to the Call of Duty server send rate will be coming in the next patch at a later date, instead of immediately, so players that want the server send rate to go up now will have to wait until the patch hits.