Playstation Spam Messages Are A New Way To Annoy Other Players

A new way of harassing people you don’t like on the Playstation Network has now become evident among a variety of players: apparently, using Playstation spam messages are a new way to annoy people either on your contact list or that you just don’t like, and the problem is widespread.

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While the problem would normally be intensely time consuming in any other method, the way that players are able to do this is right in the messages themselves: the website Spam PSN.

With the help of that site, players can type in whatever message they want, whether they’re insults or just harmless joke messages, and send a large number of spam messages to a certain user in rapid succession.

Of course, being the internet, the service has now been used less for funny pranks and more because of salty players or people with petty grudges. The player TBEConfusible said that he got 25 Playstation spam messages that said he was bad at playing the game in the middle of a Call of Duty match when the sender began losing.

While this is nothing new for the Call of Duty multiplayer fanbase, another Playstation player named Iscariot, while playing Final Fantasy 15, got spam messages from a random nobody on Twitter who didn’t like his icon because it was anime.

Thankfully, the Playstation spam messages are fairly easy to stop: recipients of the spam messages can navigate to the site themselves via their messages, where the “Blacklist” option appears immediately.

Clicking that allows the victims to keep the site from being used to send messages to them, so you don’t have to worry about getting two dozen messages from some petty jerk that decides he wants to annoy you for no reason.

Spam PSN has since announced a Pro version of the service that will allow users to send as many messages as they want with no cooldown, but at least there’s the Blacklist option (or messing with your preferences to stop yourself from getting random messages) to keep the frustration down.