List of Overwatch Bugs Introduced With Year of the Rooster

The player-base is plagued with a number of nasty Overwatch bugs that were introduced with the advent of the latest Year of the Rooster event.

Some of these are game-breaking while others are minor that can be laughed off, while still proving bothersome. The Public Test Realm (PTR) is supposed to make sure that every patch is clean before reaching live servers. It appears that Blizzard rushed the update and in doing so, let slip a number of bugs through.

Ana: Biotic Grenade has no effect on enemy players.
D.Va: Armored battle suit ejects her outside of the map.
Mei: Players are once again scaling her wall to glitch through terrain.
Reinhardt: Barrier Field doesn’t show cracks upon taking damage.
Sombra: Translocator destroys itself if it is thrown at your own feet.
Symmetra: Shield Generator disappears upon placement.
Zarya: Graviton Surge activates and disappears randomly.

Achievements: Some rewards permanently locked for players.
Chat: Players leave team-chat between rounds.
Chat: Quick call-outs for ultimates and heals doesn’t show up.
Emotes: Voice-overs and animations not triggering.
HUD: Team health bars disappear randomly.
HUD: Timers replace health numbers randomly.
Settings: Keybindings reset randomly.
Spawning: Every player from both teams spawns in the same room.

It’s likely that there are more Overwatch bugs that are missing from this list. It should be noted that most of the bugs are being triggered randomly. While the community is trying to figure out the root cause of each one, many of the aforementioned Overwatch bugs simply happen out of the blue in a match. On that note, some of the bugs are rare while others are experienced often.

Blizzard has so far released a hot-fix for the ejection problem of D.Va and has acknowledge a number of other issues. However, the developer is yet to explain how such a bucket-load of bugs made it past its quality assurance inspection.