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New SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card Available for $119, Nintendo Switch Compatible

A new SanDisk ultra MicroSD card has become available for $119, and will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch when the console releases. The SD card is available for phones, but is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, and thus will likely be able to hold more games that will be coming to Nintendo’s newest console.

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Various SD cards can be handy for small consoles like the Switch and other small consoles that can help with keeping players from having to delete other games off of their consoles in order to make way for memory to play more games. With the new microSD card being a 256 gigabyte card as opposed to the Switch’s standard SD cards which are only from around 16 gigabyte to 32 gigabyte. In addition to being smaller than many SD cards, these cards are also much more expensive than other regular SD cards.

However, even the new SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card is still going to be smaller than the memories of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, both of which have a 500 gigabyte memory, and even that is seen as too small by many gamers (which both Microsoft and Sony have addressed by releasing consoles with a full terabyte of memory.)

Even so, 256 gigabytes is way more than the regular 16 or 32 gigabyte SD card, so if you want to buy them for a relatively low price for an SD card, the new SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card will only be $119 until January 31, so you don’t have much time left to buy at least one for that fairly low price.

The Nintendo Switch still won’t be coming out until March 3, but until then you still have a little ways to prepare and buy a number of other SD cards to have more memory on your Switch from the beginning to play with.