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New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Shows Off Override Device For Players

A new Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay video has shown off one of the many tools that Aloy will be carrying on her journey to save her people in Guerrilla Games’s newest IP. The video shows us the “Override” tool, which Aloy can use to make various robotic creatures friendly to her.

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Due to taking place in a world where robotic animals serve as most of the setting’s wildlife, Aloy would find her journey a lot harder if she didn’t have something to use to hack into the systems of the “wildlife” and make them help her. In the new Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay, Aloy must master the Override Tool that she acquires fairly early in the game, and we’re introduced to the corrupted machines that will serve as a part of the game’s enemies.

These are only a part of the game’s enemies, which include masked men from a tribe that is attempting to conquer the post-apocalyptic world that the game takes place in (played by Crispin Freeman), who are using the corrupted machines to do their bidding and form an army.

With the override device, Aloy can do things like hack the Tallneck creatures to learn about the area around her, hack various other animals to ride them around the area and get somewhere faster, or even hack other robots in order to help her in combat against other creatures.

Something else that we see in the new Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay includes a variety of bows and traps and arrowheads that players can use in order to accomplish their goals in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn is slated to be coming out on February 28 in North America and on March 1 in Europe exclusively on Playstation 4, so if you’re one of those people that have been watching the game since its reveal at E3 2014, you can get it then.