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Here’s How To Get Infinite Ammo In Resident Evil 7, Along With More Goodies

One of the main problems in Resident Evil 7 that adds to the horror, is that ammunition is a precious substance that you have to conserve for more vital fights. However, with regenerating enemies that can’t be stopped by multiple headshots, infinite ammo in Resident Evil 7 becomes a necessity for many.

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And here’s how you can get it. In order to get a lot of the different goodies that can make subsequent runs of Resident Evil 7 easier, you have to beat the game multiple times, each time fulfilling certain conditions. These rewards can be everything from infinite ammunition in a gun to a circular saw to X-ray glasses.

For instance, in order to get infinite ammo in Resident Evil 7, you’ll have to complete the ultimate challenge that the game can give you: beating the game on Madhouse difficulty. Madhouse difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the game, and is more like an old-style Resident Evil games. It takes out most of the autosave points in the game, switches items around, increases damage, and decreases the ammo you find, but if you’re able to make it through all of this, you’ll get a special item that, as long as it remains in your inventory, will give you infinite ammunition in Resident Evil 7.

So now, you can run through the entire game with only a shotgun blowing fools away, or you can unload pistol shot after pistol shot at the Baker family any time that you run into them. Other ways to get more items include beating the game once to get a more powerful handgun and a defense-boosting item, beat it in less than 4 hours to get the X-ray glasses and a circular saw, or getting another defense-boosting item by smashing all 20 bobbleheads that are scattered around the game.

So now that you have this information, go on a few runs through the game, see how all of these goodies can help you get through the game faster.