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Doublelift Will Be Playing for TSM Next Split

Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng is returning to the starting lineup of Team SoloMid in the next split of the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS).

He confirmed so while responding to a fan during a recent stream. However, he didn’t reveal more information on his return. It would be interesting to know if he personally dropped a request to the management or was pressured into returning for the benefit of the team.

Doublelift took a sabbatical from competitive League of Legends back in October. Citing fatigue from constant practice, he stepped down from the starting lineup which forced Team SoloMid to hold trials for a replacement for the ongoing Spring Split.

“The quality that has kept me domestically dominant for five straight seasons isn’t nature, it’s determination,” he said back then. “So many of my peers from Season 1 lacked the fire and willpower to be the best, and they have long faded away. When I do something, I put my heart and soul into it, striving to achieve greatness.”

As fate would have it, former TSM member Jason “WildTurtle” Tra was called back to fill the role of AD Carry. It’s not clear as to what will happen to WildTurtle when Doublelift returns next split. Will he be benched or completely removed from the organization?

Since last year, Doubelift has been spending his time streaming and creating content for his followers. More than once has the League of Legends veteran exclaimed interest in pursuing a career in streaming.

Doubelift is one of the few professional League of Legends players remaining who have been an active part of the competitive scene since the first season. It’s understandable how someone could lose the will to play after dedicating over six years of his life to League of Legends.

TSM is currently 3-1 in the first two weeks of the Spring Split.